Tap into the hidden power of a future version of you...

Attract Your Dreams Like A Magnet & Speed Up Your Manifestations With Our “Ignited Self” Vision Board Kit!

With this customizable Vision Board Creation Kit, you’ll bring your dreams into reality faster than ever by stepping into the version of you who has already achieved everything you desire!

Vision Board
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Most people unknowingly hinder their manifestations when using a vision board. Why?

Because they create aspirational vision boards – a collection of the things they wished they had, completely separate from their present reality…

Which actually anchors their vibration on a state of ‘wanting’ and lack, sabotaging their dreams!

That’s why we put together this new Vision Board Kit – to help you tap into the frequency of abundance, and anchor yourself into the version of you who ‘already has’ everything you desire: your “Ignited Self”!

Use this improved vision board to manifest with ease, and send a powerful signal to the Universe that will quantum leap you to a new, expanded reality.

With your “Ignited Self” Vision Board Kit, you will:

  • checkmark Accelerate your manifestations by tapping into the energy of your “Ignited Self” – the version of you who already embodies your next level of success.
  • checkmark Create holistic well-being and lasting happiness by expanding your results in every aspect of your life, thanks to Brave Thinking Institute’s “4 Quadrants” dreambuilding approach.
  • checkmark Unleash your imagination and envision what is truly possible for you — and get the clarity needed to make your dreams a reality.
  • checkmark Elevate your mindset and get inspired everyday with multiple inspirational quote cards to choose from.
  • checkmark Tap into your inner power with pre-selected power words that will help you embody your full potential.
  • checkmark Boost your self-confidence and stay in the frequency of your dreams with carefully chosen affirmation cards.
  • checkmark Have lots of fun crafting your own dream vision with ready-to-use, practical printable graphics and templates!
  • checkmark And much more!!!